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Bethany is a very cute little rhino and is only 9 months old. She just loves her mom’s milk and for such a small girl she really drinks a lot of it. She needs approximately 12 litres a day to grow up to be a big and strong rhino. She also loves the treats we put out at feeding time for all the other rhinos. Even though Bethany is really young, when it comes to feeding time for mom, Bethany is more than willing to eat moms treats.

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To appreciate Anja, you must observe her.  This little rhino is shy, but calm, she loves walking alongside her mom and observing her surroundings, however when it comes to feeding time she puts away her shy personality and is not afraid to fight for her food.

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Gerhard is an adventurer, he loves running around and exploring.  He is a happy boy and full of energy all the time.

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