Orpah is still a baby rhino, but despite her size, she is full of energy. You can see her running everywhere, looking for new things to discover. Because when you are a baby or a child, everything new is exciting!

Adult rhinos usually have poor eyesight while young rhinos have quite sharp eyesight and can see a lot further and clearer than their moms. This causes the young rhino to be distracted by all the happenings and creatures in its surroundings. With mom’s eyesight being poor, it makes her nervous and more attentive to any danger that might be close. This makes her mom very fierce when it comes to her baby’s well-being.

Caution – if Orpah is running around you can be sure her mother is not far away to protect her if something happens. You really don’t want to get in the way of an angry mom that weighs almost a ton and isn’t scared to stand up to a big bull rhino.

By taking Orpah under your wing and adopting her, it will definitely help us to keep her safe and far away from the dreadful poachers. This will also help her mom to relax a bit and not be so nervous of her surroundings. You can help Orpah and her family to live a more care-free life that they deserve.

Date of Birth: 28 February 2018

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