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Click on the "Adopt" button to secure your Rhino. You will be directed to GivenGain to make your payment towards your rhino's monthly maintenance.


to cover your rhino's monthly expenditure, keeping it safe and healthy.


By giving your rhino it's name, your legacy will always be carried by the rhino you have adopted.


We will send you quarterly updates and photos to let you know how well your rhino is doing.


Receive 2 nights for 2 persons (self-catering), free of charge in our luxury tented camp, to come visit your rhino.

Our Rhinos

Thinus aka Boet

DOB: 1 January 2018

Boet was about 2 months old when his mom, Doampie died of unknown natural causes. We had to quickly intervene and take Boet under our wing. Baby rhino’s suckle up to about 18 months of age, so Boet still had a lot of milk to drink! Our resident angel, Rhino Momma Juliette, took him in…


DOB: 28 February 2018

Orpah is still a baby rhino, but despite her size, she is full of energy. You can see her running everywhere, looking for new things to discover. Because when you are a baby or a child, everything new is exciting! Adult rhinos usually have poor eyesight while young rhinos have quite sharp eyesight and can…


DOB: 8 January 2018

Mariska is a shy rhino who likes hiding behind a tree when a situation is stressful, but behind her shyness, is a very bold young calf, with a heart of gold. She is so passionate in everything she does and when she looks at you with those big brown eyes, you can see the warmth…


DOB: 25 December 2017

Say Hello to the most wrinkled calf ever! She was our little Christmas present, as she was born on the first day of Christmas in 2017, and was walking within an hour of her birth This little girl has so many characterising wrinkles on her side, that we renamed her after her appearance. Originally she…


DOB: 05 May 2017

Vicky is the type of rhino who likes sleeping and eating. If she can have her meal lying down she will be happy. You can understand, the grass in the bush is so comfortable to want to spend time on it.  When you see Vicky it almost looks like she has a smile and she…


DOB: 19 May 2017

Despite being 1 years old, Samuel is a determined calf like his mother. If you can see him, you can be sure it’s to pursue the idea which is in his mind, like the other day, Samuel was walking alongside the road and I was curious about knowing his goal. I followed him in the…


DOB: 26 July 2017

Nate’s growing a lot lately and became already a handsome little boy, who loves to run and play around. It seems like he’s almost too active and bouncy since he and his mother, Red Rock, are always running a little late for breakfast feeding. They probably need to sleep late after days filled with exploring…


DOB: 29 July 2017

It was the time of morning in Namibian midwinter when it switches from cold to hot; I removed my jacket and went from dreading washing out the feeding bowls with cold water to savouring the feeling of the water on my hands. Finishing the last bowl, I bent and hoisted it over my head to…


DOB: 20th March 2018

Bethany is a very cute little rhino and is only 9 months old. She just loves her mom’s milk and for such a small girl she really drinks a lot of it. She needs approximately 12 litres a day to grow up to be a big and strong rhino. She also loves the treats we...


DOB: 13 April 2017

To appreciate Anja, you must observe her.  This little rhino is shy, but calm, she loves walking alongside her mom and observing her surroundings, however when it comes to feeding time she puts away her shy personality and is not afraid to fight for her food.


DOB: 11 April 2017

Gerhard is an adventurer, he loves running around and exploring.  He is a happy boy and full of energy all the time.